May 3, 2016

Hot Desks: Why Are They So Popular?

Looking to find a London office? Well, a fairly recent business tactic, beginning in the 1980s and 1990s, but truly taking off until the last few years, hot desking is a business model where employees are given desk space during their work time, but when that employee is off, someone else is using their workspace.

There are also tons of cases where one or more otherwise unused office desks within an office space are rented out to freelancers, startups, and various other business people. If you happen to fall into the category of a freelancer, part of a startup, or anyone who finds having their own office, desk, or workspace to just simply not be worth it, hot desking is definitely worth an attempt.

Based on where you go, it’s often cheaper than the alternative – purchasing, furnishing, up keeping, and using your own workspace. It’s extremely worthwhile for you, the freelancer or the startup business owner, but it’s also extremely worthwhile – especially monetarily – for the office or desk space owner to rent the hot desk out. You, as a renter, will utilize space that’s unused by the owner, and you’ll be paying to utilize those unused spaces, making it easier for the space owner to continue maintaining the space financially. Using “hot desking” as a business model for your office space is also beneficial for business owners who have several employees that have staggered schedules, because the business owner can limit space, and thus, costs, by only allowing office space big enough to house those working at any given time.

For example, if a business owner has a hundred employees, but only twenty five employees are in the office during any given shift, it would be more financially logical for the business owner to adopt a hot desk business model and only set up twenty five work spaces in a suitable environment, rather than tripling the office space to allow for a hundred individual work spaces that will only be used two thirds of the time.

Regardless of if you’re a business person looking for a work space to rent or you’re an office space owner looking to rent out one or more hot desk(s), finding an agency to assist you in locating a feasible work space or serious tenants is always a fantastic idea. If you’re searching for tenants or a work space in the London, UK area, seek out the help of Rent Our Spaces. We here at Rent Our Spaces have extensive experience, expertise, and a large range of contacts to ensure that you get clients who align with the business plan for your space or you find the work space you’re looking for and hoping to find.

With the services of Rent Our Spaces, you’re guaranteed to find everything you need, want, and more – whether that’s a group of like-minded tenants for your vacant office space or the office space of your dreams where you and your business can thrive, whether your usage of the space is short term or long term. Choose Rent Our Spaces for all of your space-renting needs.

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